I often find myself typing up a comment on somebody’s blog, or a forum, or even very rarely in an IM with a friend. I will get most of the way through said comment, and then delete it utterly. This … Continue reading

Where’s the Roses?

So, first, let me state that I don’t dislike school. Generally, I enjoy going to school and learning things. Afterall, if you don’t like school you don’t go back and get Master’s degrees, or even consider getting Ph.Ds. Nor do … Continue reading

Lazy Sunday

I’m afraid I am singularly uninspired this Sunday to do anything. Part of this is no doubt a reaction to the end of the first week of classes, and finally not being horribly ill anymore. I suspect part of this … Continue reading

New Button

There’s a shiny new button over on the side that takes you to my shiny new Twitter page. Not that I use it much, but it was created exclusively to match up with this blog, so I figure it oughta … Continue reading


Ah well, everyone has to have a few rejections in their writing career. My first one came late last night. I submitted a short dark-fantasy piece called “The Snow Maiden” to Three Crows Press for their erotica issue, and they … Continue reading

Introducing Lia Booke

That’s right, dear Reader. The mysterious author now officially has a Name! A pen-name to be precise. I’m quite proud of it. Short, simple, easy to remember, but it has meaning behind it. And best of all, there’s a joke … Continue reading

Egyptian Vacation Notes

Many apologies dear Reader for the lack of an update on Sunday. I was marooned without internet in the lovely land of Egypt. I admit, I didn’t miss the wider world too much, in my little slice of Paradise. I … Continue reading

Quick Note

Just a quick note to let the Reader know Sunday’s update may be late/nonexistent. My husband and I leave today for a week’s cruise down the nile (I can not begin to tell you how squeerific I am right now) … Continue reading

My Literary Heroes: Bujold

I have many favorite authors, both those who are giants in their genres such as Tolkien, Lewis, or Pratchett, and less universally well-known authors like Lackey, or Feist or Pierce. However, among my favorite authors there is only one who’s … Continue reading