Feels Like Failure

The liberation of Failure. Thanks J.K. Rowling! I have not finished a first draft of my Novella, Through Brass Goggles, in accordance with my goal. I’m not likely to do so today either, since I still have at least 12k … Continue reading


Inspiration can strike anywhere. Alright, so this is a writers blog, not a photo blog. But photos can be powerful tools for a writer in a number of ways. One of these is providing inspiration, or in this case recording … Continue reading

Alice: A childhood favorite?

Some thoughts on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and children’s literature. First, I must apologize to my loyal Readers for the long silence this week. It has been one of those bizarre weeks where nothing seems to go quite right, but … Continue reading

St. Valentine’s Day

We interrupt the regularly scheduled posts to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. No, I really do wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with a holiday dedicated to love, especially if you view it like my … Continue reading

Lessons from Blogging

Who knew? So, I originally started a blog because, well…that’s what I’d heard writers did. If you were serious about beingĀ a published author, you had a blog. And you talked about writing, or books, or something similar. So I started … Continue reading

More Buttons!

Because my web-mistress is awesome! So, I woke up this morning to find that my so very awesome and wonderful webmaster had gone ahead and implemented the social media sharing buttons I wanted for my blog. And they look awesome, … Continue reading

Birth of a Novella

All about my first steps in a new direction. A month or so ago I began writing a short story, more as a practice than because I had a specific story in mind. I wanted to try my hand at … Continue reading

More Submission

But not in the kinky way, of course. The Author is innocent! Well, I did it again. I went and released a story into the cold, uncaring world of the publishers*. I took the story I had previously submitted, “The … Continue reading

A Cage of Words

Writing about a Reader Support Group which looks suspiciously like a book club. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read the book, whether this is the first reading or the fiftieth reading. A well-written book can trap me in … Continue reading