The West Wing

Some thoughts on good script writing. Movies, television shows, plays. All these things require a combination of good script writing, and good acting. Badly acted Shakespeare may still be Shakespeare, but it doesn’t move us. And the best acting in … Continue reading

Rho’s Odyssey, Chapter 1 part 3

Here is part 3 of “Rho’s Odyssey” at last. Apologies for the lateness of it, I got distracted. Remember, if you want to read the previous part, visit DeGirl for part 2. And if you’d like to continue the story … Continue reading

Projects, past and present.

A bit of a roundup of writing projects, and their statuses. There is supposed to be a picture with this post, but WordPress refuses to wrap text. It is with great satisfaction that I announce the completion and submission of … Continue reading

No Post

No new post today. Still wrestling with various papers, and deadlines are starting to creep up on me. Minor panic attacks may be imminent. Anyway, to keep my loyal Readers entertained, go here for the index of Rho’s Odyssey, a … Continue reading


How theories are like cockroaches. I don’t like theories, particularly academic theories. They’re like cockroaches. I’m sure cockroaches are polite to their mothers, have an important place in the world, and even that some people find them exciting and fascinating. … Continue reading

Procrastination and Deadlines

Excuses for my next several short posts. I swear it’s a good one! I’m procrastinating. On deadline, too. I have two papers, a 1000 word literature review and a 2500 word formative essay, due in about a week and a … Continue reading

Spring in My Soul

Spring is coming. Maybe it’s already here. Only the pictures can tell. Spring is my season. Maybe it’s because I was born in late spring. Or maybe it’s just the most comfortable season in terms of temperature, particularly in Florida … Continue reading

Academia and Fiction

Some thoughts on straddling the divide between fiction and academia. I was recently reading an article by Richard P. Martin* of Stanford University titled Words Alone Are Certain Good(s): Philology and Greek Material Culture. It is basically a warning article … Continue reading