See Lia. See Lia Procrastinate.

Not a children’s story. Coffee? Check. Resources, online and off? Check. Twenty-four hours before deadline?Check. Compelling and coherent argument for major Classics paper?…*sigh* That’s right, dear Readers. It’s that time again. Time to watch your friendly neighborhood Author procrastinate writing … Continue reading

Philosophical Questions

Of the type “Why are we here?” I’m mostly asking questions, not giving out answers today. Sometimes, questions are every bit as revealing as answers though. Why do I write? Am I writing fiction because I’m not satisfied with my … Continue reading

Happy Earth Day!

Do something nice for Mother Earth today! I almost forgot that today was Earth Day. In celebration, I’m sharing some pretty pictures of wildflowers* from this spring, and challenge my Readers to do something Earth friendly today! Take your trash … Continue reading

Internet: Favorite Places

I was going to call this post “Bumps for Hump-day” but thought that sounded less than PG! I thought I might take today to talk about some* of my favorite places around the internet, particularly those connected with writing. This … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Getting away for a while can be great for the creative juices. I am home again safely! Scotland was beautiful, and I shared a lot of lovely countryside and interesting historical spots in a very short time with my family. … Continue reading

No Updates

Apologies, no updates this week. I will be traveling around Scotland with my husband, my mother, and her sister and won’t be able to update. But, follow me on Twitter, @LiaBooke, I will be Tweeting about what we see! Updates … Continue reading


Writing a historical is an interesting new variation on an old experience. My Readers may remember that I mentioned a new project a little while ago. I’m beginning writing a historical novel. This isn’t a genre I have too much … Continue reading


I just want to wish all my readers a very happy Easter. My husband and I attended a beautiful service in the Cathedral, which was an interesting experience. We spent the afternoon celebrating with some new friends. I hope everyone … Continue reading


How I use outlines. I really don’t like outlines. I feel like they’re restrictive, and I’d rather just sit down and start writing, letting the ideas flow organically from my brain onto the page. Even for school papers, I’ve always … Continue reading