Plots and Titles

Some writing news at last. Sorry for the late post, I’ve been more than usually abstracted today (as opposed to the days when I’m distracted). At any rate, I’m overhauling the plot of ¬†Out of the Library and have re-named … Continue reading

Rainbow Ark

All of the pictures were taken at the Ark by me. You might say I’m a bit of an animal lover, but that’s like saying the North Pole is a bit chilly. As long as I can remember, I’ve always … Continue reading

Reading Withdrawals

And other current events. I’ve decided to concentrate on all the good things that have happened (or are happening) lately, and let them drown out the stresses from this past week. So today I’m celebrating a list of things. In … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Blog Fest

Today it’s all about Dialogue. Alright, as promised, today is blog-fest day! The point is to post a bit of our dialogue that we particularly like. So, I’ve decided to post a passage from Through Brass Goggles, because despite the … Continue reading

Off Topic: Kids and Discrimination

I swear I’ll start talking about writing again soon. I was surfing the interwebs yesterday, and I ran across this post on the Feministe blog about why it’s not alright to hate kids. It led me to this post on … Continue reading


Warning: Whiny blog post incoming. I generally hate airing my grievances in public, or letting very many people know when I’m particularly sad. I’m also not really keen on letting this blog take a turn into Self-pity Alley and camp … Continue reading

Bend in the Road

Life likes to stick these little corkscrew bends in the road, sometimes. Those bends in the road of life always seem to come at the most inopportune times. It’s not that I object to the twists and turns life takes, … Continue reading


What is it and how can I get some? Anyone who spends any time around the AW forums knows the first rule for success in writing is the “Butt In Chair” principle. There’s no “magic trick”, just sit down and … Continue reading