LGBT Characters

In honor of US LGBT Pride Month and Christopher Street Liberation Day. First, apologies dear Readers for lack of a mid-week post. I am afraid that the mid-week posts may be a bit erratic for the next couple of months … Continue reading

“A River in the Sky”

This is definitely not a book review. First the disclaimer. This blog post will almost certainly not be a completely unbiased examination of the book, A River in the Sky by Elizabeth Peters. Simply put, the author is my personal … Continue reading


Some completely non-writing related fluff. I have a house-guest. Her name is Pippin, and the Other American(tm) in my department belongs to her. When my friend decided to take a two week vacation, she asked if I would mind looking … Continue reading

Bookstore Blues

I want my new book! Two weeks ago, I decided to treat myself to a new book for the first time in months as part of my cure for loneliness (a cure which also included masses of chocolate and a … Continue reading

Reading and Writing

The problem with reading once you start writing. Although I’ve been writing little stories and snippets for several years now, it is only for the last seven months or so that I’ve really been serious about improving my skills. During … Continue reading

June Story Contest

Because I don’t have enough projects already! The always-helpful MacAllister Stone from Absolute Write tweeted about a story contest being held at Words Undone. I happened to catch the tweet, and went to look at the contest. I’m not sure … Continue reading

“Surrender None”

Some thoughts and impressions on the book. Spoiler warning. Elizabeth Moon is one of those authors whose work I enjoy, but I’ve never actively sought out. In fact, I’ve only ever read her collaborations with Anne McCaffrey. However, finding one … Continue reading