Gah. Deadlines looming. Blog-post will be forth-coming soon. I hope. Meanwhile, have a cute kitty picture from when I had my feline houseguest. … Continue reading


Or, why this blog isn’t funny. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humour (I do, and I prefer funny to dramatic any day) or that I’m not witty occasionally. I grew up exchanging witticisms with an accomplished … Continue reading

My Desk

A bit of fluff while I desperately try to finish this blasted first draft. Some time ago my good friend and fellow writer Geoffrey from Misanthropology101 blogged about what was on his desk and why. I thought the topic was … Continue reading

Words Undone Magazine

As promised, I am providing the link to the magazine containing my story. It is the second story in the 4th Words Undone Magazine. I have to say, when I got my electronic version this morning (authors get an electronic … Continue reading

“Long Time Coming”

Another erotica novel. This week has been full of good news, both about writing and other parts of life. One of the pieces of good news is that the amazing Scarlett sold her second book, which I beta’ed for her. … Continue reading


Just a quick note. Because I have huge news. About writing. And that’s what this blog is about, right? Anyway, just have to say, My short story, “A Mechanical Misadventure” was accepted!! If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited … Continue reading

Adventures in London

A mostly pictorial story. I decided to scrap my original blog plans of having a pre-written automatic update today, and thought I’d instead post a few pictures of my adventures with my friend C. in London. We came down by … Continue reading