Links and Thoughts

A blog post on a day other than Sunday! Gasp! I know. You’re all in shock, this is a blog post, and it’s not Sunday. But fear not! It won’t be a “real” blog post today. Today will be mainly … Continue reading


My first blog post from home. Inspiration comes from many places, and it is different for every creator. Artists, composers, writers, we all get our inspiration from someplace different. Sometimes it’s internal, sometimes external, and sometimes a complicated combination of … Continue reading

A Rest

Some random thoughts from Washington D.C. This weekend I am spending time with my good friends in Washington before I finally return home. This is a little bit of a break before I throw myself back into normal life, work, … Continue reading


Some news, not necessarily writing related. In some ways, this has been a very melancholy weekend. I’ve spent it saying goodbye to my friends here in the UK, and winding myself up into my usual “pre-travel hysteria” which I find … Continue reading

Done!! (Sort of…)

Hey look! A real blog post! Pretend it’s Sunday still… That’s right, you heard right, I’m D-O-N-E DONE with my dissertation! Sort of. I have completed the writing there-of, but I still have to go over it with with a … Continue reading