Finally read it!! Today is Holloween, All Hollow’s Eve, or Samhain depending on your traditions. It is also the last day before the mighty plunge into NaNoWriMo. I racked my brain to figure out what an appropriate topic for today … Continue reading

Things Left Unsaid

For Grandma No matter how expected a person’s passing is, there is always a hole left in the lives of the living. Things are left undone, words unsaid, lingering questions are unasked. Guilt that perhaps something more could or should … Continue reading

Guest Post: Dr. Maria and the One-Two Punch

I am delighted to bring you my first guest-blogger, Maria! Writing is a tough life and it’s even harder when faced with fear and rejection. From the moment we submit our work for appraisal, we are scolded and prodded and … Continue reading

So Many Ideas…

So little time. Or maybe talent. Often where blogging is concerned, I have tons of ideas, generated every day. Yet, when it comes time to actually write out my post for the day, I find myself at a loss for … Continue reading

Day Jobs And Nanowrimo

And some other tid-bits too. This past week I started my new job. It’s nothing exciting, just a temporary minimum wage job to keep us afloat while I search for something with an actual salary and benefits. It would be … Continue reading

Impostor Syndrome

Self-flagellation is the mark of a true writer, right? Of course right! Everyone with an ounce of self-awareness gets Impostor Syndrome now and again, regardless of what it is they do in life. Sometimes, people have their bout of it … Continue reading

“Cover Me”

Erotic romance thriller. If anyone had ever asked me before if I would read an erotic-romance thriller, I would have looked at them like they’re crazy. Just not my genre at all. However, L. A. Witt’s new novel Cover Me … Continue reading

Outside the Box

Boxes are for cats and children to play in, not to put yourself in. Throughout much of our lives we can spend a lot of time fighting against being put into some box or another. Especially when we’re younger, we … Continue reading