What is it? A few weeks ago Slacktivist (a blog I highly recommend for thoughtful commentary on society and Christianity) did a post about facts, incontrovertible facts and how they are necessary. I agree with nearly everything he says. Facts … Continue reading

One Whole Year

Belated blogiversary post. Monday was the one year anniversary of this blog. This also means that I’ve been writing ‘seriously’ (i.e. with possible publication in mind) for a year. That year has been exciting, eye-opening, terrifying and perhaps a little … Continue reading


Cryoburn is the reason there was no Wednesday post. Sorry. Wednesday I finally had the opportunity to read Lois McMaster Bujold’s latest Miles Vorkosigan book, Cryoburn. It takes place after Diplomatic Immunity by approximately six years, and is set almost … Continue reading

Building Cultures: Details

The devil is in the details. We are currently a one-car family, and that one car is tottering along its last legs. It still runs fairly well, but it sucks gas like an alcoholic and various parts are getting a … Continue reading

Favorite Fictional Characters?

Saw the question in an interview and it made me think. First, apologies for the recent blog silence. This weekend we celebrated my grandmother’s life with tears, laughter, music and song. Consequently it has been a hectic and family-filled weekend. … Continue reading

Exciting Times

They’re not always either good or bad. The last several days have been a bit busy and exciting. First, my baby sister (Who has started a poetry blog which you should definitely check out. She has some talent, though she … Continue reading