Accepting Thanks

Harder than giving thanks, in my experience. Part of the holiday season is saying thank you to those around you, and if you are religious then usually also in giving thanks in a more spiritual sense. We generally thank everyone … Continue reading

I got nothin’….

No really… I am absolutely at a loss for what to write today. And even if I had any ideas, I’d be too distracted to write them. Holly is adorable, and I love her to death, but she takes a … Continue reading

Holly: 11-4-10

Pictures of my little pup. This Christmas, my husband and I adopted a new member of our family. Holly is a pure bred German Shepherd, and she is just about seven weeks old. She is the most utterly adorable, sweet … Continue reading

My Four

Sorta chain-letterish, but looks fun anyway. Elle, author and all-around butt-kicker extraordinaire, tagged me with a blog meme, and I didn’t have anything much planned for today, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. It looked kind of fun. … Continue reading


Baking in memory of Grandma. My grandmother was born of German immigrant parents, and even spoke some German at home as a very small child. One of the traditions she passed along to me is a love of Springerle cookies … Continue reading

Magic Writing Notebook(tm)

Every writer has one. Every one is different. I wrote before about my Magic Writing Notebook(tm) but it occurs to me that some people might be interested in a more in-depth description of what is in it. The notebook itself … Continue reading

It’s Beginning…

…to feel a lot like Christmas! Well, I put up our Christmas tree, a few lights, and wrapped up the presents I’ve gotten so far. … Continue reading

Writing Rebels

Breaking rules for fun and profit. If you’re a writer, or read writing blogs, you may have noticed that there’s a lot of rules centered around “good” writing. Rules such as: don’t use adverbs. Kill your darlings. Don’t use too … Continue reading

This Year’s Winners

Are you a Nanowrimo winner this year? Nanowrimo is over for another year. To those of you who finished and won this year, I salute you and congratulate you heartily! There is nothing quite like that feeling of relief and … Continue reading