My Kryptonite

That song always makes me think of high school. Everyone has their weakness, the thing that keeps them from really concentrating or doing their best. That thing they simply can’t resist, no matter how hard they try. Their kryptonite, if … Continue reading

Network Overload

Too much of a good thing is still too much. My friend Geoffrey did a post a few weeks ago about networking for the busy writer. How to spend a little bit of time optimizing SEO and networking to other … Continue reading

Holly in Pictures

Current pictures of Holly. Holly has been growing again. She now weighs 14.6 pounds, which is right on target for her weight-gain goals. She also is getting taller, and stronger, and prettier. I’d say she’s getting smarter too, but she … Continue reading

Blogfest: What’s Your Process?

Check out all the other entries over at Shallee’s Blog! So the idea is to tell you a little about how I write, the ways I create characters and stories and such. Since I’m a bit of a “pantser” (I … Continue reading

A Rose by Any Other Name

Pseudonyms are hard. A year ago I posted that I had chosen a Pen-name for myself, Lia Booke. I had difficulty choosing it, but I finally was forced to in order to submit a story with that name. I’ve since … Continue reading

Girl Genius Day

If you don’t know what Girl Genius is yet, shame on you. Yes that’s right. Today is officially Girl Genius Day. I’ve¬†mentioned before how much I love the webcomic Girl Genius, and how it started my interest in steampunk. It … Continue reading


How I write, and why. I was taught to write at an early age just about the same time I was taught to read, like most children. As I got older, I started to make up stories in imitation of … Continue reading

Character Interview

Daniel Cross, from By the Book. Sunday I hinted at a surprise for today’s post. I am very pleased to announce that¬†Crossbones, the Daniel Cross Official Fanclub scored an exclusive release-day interview with the aforesaid Daniel. He stars prominently in … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Slightly belated, but no less heart-felt. A very happy New Year to my faithful readers, few though you may be. I just want to say again that I appreciate the comments, encouragement and weekly reading of all of you. Part … Continue reading