“Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance”

*There will almost certainly be spoilers ahead, for multiple books. You have been warned.* Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance is the latest in Lois McMaster Bujold’s SF series The Vorkosigan Saga. Set after Diplomatic Immunity but apparently before Cryoburn (Count Aral is … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Opening Line

Another piece written for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenges. This one is simple: Choose a sentence from the options he posted here, and write a story with that as your opening line. I chose ‘I never trusted that statue in … Continue reading

Sit Down & Shut Up: Our Culture of Silence

We live in a culture (English-speaking, Western) that encourages hiding our true opinions and never voicing them. This message is pushed on women aggressively, but also on men. We are bombarded by messages such as “It’s better to say nothing … Continue reading

Camp Stories

I went and signed up for Camp Nanowrimo a while ago (Just like Nanowrimo, but in April, and with a Summer Camp theme). A friend who is just getting into writing wanted someone to write with, and I said sure. … Continue reading