Invisibly Bi

Evidently today is Bisexuality Awareness Day (also known as Bisexuality Day or Bi Visibility Day). I usually miss these sorts of things, the many days for awareness or remembrance or pride for this or that. They tend to fly by … Continue reading

I Was a Reader First…

So, I’m gonna do another post about current-internet-affairsĀ  here. (Two in a row! *gasp* Weird, right?) Anyway, the last few days there’s been a certain amount of Twitter and blogosphere discussion about whether authors should negatively review other books. This … Continue reading


So, there’s this hashtag that’s been going around Twitter for a few days now, #DiversityInSFF. It’s great, a place where people are talking about the need for greater and greater levels of diversity (both of characters and of authors) in … Continue reading

“The Elizabeth Stories”

I found The Elizabeth Stories by Isabel Huggan by accident in a used book store in Evanston on the recent vacation. I had a ladies’ day with a friend, and we went into a wonderful used book store just to … Continue reading