This is Me Not Being Silent

Speaking up, even relatively anonymously on the internet, is terrifying to me. But I can’t be silent any longer on the issues surrounding race and police brutality. I just can’t, though it’s taken me several days to articulate my anger … Continue reading

Five Years Ago…

Five years ago this month I did Nanowrimo for the first time. I won to, writing 50k words in 30 days, on top of working on my thesis and going to school. Not that it was any good, or even … Continue reading

Margaret Cho’s Biography & Word Count

About a month ago the library had a display up of books by or about LGBT people. They have a bunch of shelves on one wall of the main room where they do a different themed display on the regular. … Continue reading

Stuff and Things and Bits

So, there’s two things obsessing my social-media feeds right now. Midterm Elections and Nanowrimo. The post-game election recaps are everywhere today, and likely will be for a few days yet. My general take is a resounding┬áMEH.┬áSure, it would’ve been nice … Continue reading

Happy National Novel Writing Month!

I’ve been struggling lately in a lot of ways. I’ve been struggling to finish things, struggling to even want to start things, struggling to write, struggling to take care of myself. But! It’s National Novel Writing Month, and I keep … Continue reading