Goin’ To the FAAAIR!

Most people who read this probably already know my history with the Renaissance Fair circuit. But I haven’t worked one in several years, for various personal reasons. This weekend (today) was the beginning of the little local one run by … Continue reading

New Collaborative Project!

At last, I can announce that I’m part of a collaborative writing project creating a fun, campy, ‘spooooky’ story, complete with audience participation! That’s right, it’s ! Ok, so basically, six of us are each creating and writing a character … Continue reading


This is the first time I’ve been across the Rockies (or indeed west of the Mississippi) in over 20 years. I’d forgotten how much I love the West. Many of my favorite childhood memories (and not a few dark ones) … Continue reading

Star Wars Feels

Also Spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers. Also capslock. Lots of that. Because I’m mostly filled with screaming fangirl feels. Seriously, there will be spoilers, because I just saw the movie and I can’t talk about it without expressing all … Continue reading