Voices of the Dead: Terry Pratchett

To me, it’s always a little strange to hear or see recordings of someone who I’ve loved, admired, or been a fan of after they’ve died. In some ways I’m grateful. Preserving the way they talk, and move, and interact … Continue reading

TV Show One Day at a Time

Last weekend I had a very bad mental health day, spending the day in bed watching Netflix and crying. I was looking for a show to watch, and I’d been hearing good things about this new Netflix Original “One Day … Continue reading

Digital Art!!

So, just before we left on our min(working) vacation to Williamsburg, I went out and bought myself a new stylus to work on my tablet. I’ve always wanted to get into doing digital art, but I’ve never been able to … Continue reading

Professor X Has Summoned Me!: Discovering I have the MTFR Gene Mutation

First, yes I’m a huge nerd. On the other hand, the coolest part of this whole frustrating journey of discovery is that now I can truly say I’m a Mutant. Sadly, my powers are even more nonexistent than Jubilee’s, and … Continue reading

Goin’ To the FAAAIR!

Most people who read this probably already know my history with the Renaissance Fair circuit. But I haven’t worked one in several years, for various personal reasons. This weekend (today) was the beginning of the little local one run by … Continue reading


This is the first time I’ve been across the Rockies (or indeed west of the Mississippi) in over 20 years. I’d forgotten how much I love the West. Many of my favorite childhood memories (and not a few dark ones) … Continue reading

Star Wars Feels

Also Spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers. Also capslock. Lots of that. Because I’m mostly filled with screaming fangirl feels. Seriously, there will be spoilers, because I just saw the movie and I can’t talk about it without expressing all … Continue reading


I’ve meant to write this post days ago. And yet here it is, December 31st 2015, 11pm, and I’m dashing to start, write, and post the thing before it’s officially the new year! Which is basically how my whole year … Continue reading

….Hi. Anyone Still Here?

*dusts off shelves, removing several cobwebs* Oh, uh. Hey. So, long time no see…. *looks guilty* I swear, I’ve been meaning to write this post for like, a month now. But somehow there just is too much to do these … Continue reading

Moving to a New Chapter

Well, this is it. It’s the last night in our old house, the address we’ve been living at for the last five years. Moreover, we’re joining the ranks of the landed gentry. Yep. That’s right. We just bought our first … Continue reading