The Carrot is Mightier Than the Sword

((Also posted on my Wattpad.)) The 1st Battalion, Heavy Hop Brigade, known as the Carrot-tops in most circles and Dragontamers in certain circles, stirred restlessly in their ranks. Colonel Brun Auribus rested impassively on his lance, the twitching of his … Continue reading

The Witch’s Crow

Crows gathered by the hundreds, sitting in the trees, on the roof of the small cottage, scattered among the out-buildings. Shoulder-to-shoulder, they sat silently, watching the human woman digging a hole in her garden. A small bundle wrapped in a … Continue reading

Sometimes I Write Stuff That is ~Not Poetry~

She falls into the abyss, twisting flailing No bottom to land on, only endless grey mist in every direction. Fingers too heavy to lift scrabble at empty air No toehold, no hint of help from anywhere In her head the … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Twisted Love

This past week’s flash fiction challenge from Sir Wendig was a Valentine’s Day themed one called Twisted Love. It does what it says on the box, and any genre was welcome. So I knew I needed to write about a … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Shipwrecked Sailor

Chuck Wendig’s flash-fiction challenge for this past week was to choose a fairy tale and  re-write it in a new style, choosing from a  list of possibles on his blog. There’s nothing like procrastinating writing with other writing, so I … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Dragon Hunting

I’m still on vacation with the family, but I wanted to post some flash-fiction I wrote last week. This is just a little story set in the world of my Bookewyrmes, about the unreliable nature of assumptions. ~~~ The young … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Opening Line

Another piece written for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenges. This one is simple: Choose a sentence from the options he posted here, and write a story with that as your opening line. I chose ‘I never trusted that statue in … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Sentence Generator

Yep, I did it again, I took up the Flash Fiction Challenge thrown out by Chuck Wendig last week. He sent us to a random-sentence generator and challenged us to use one of the random sentences to create a story. … Continue reading

Epic Flash Fiction Challenge

I had so much fun writing the last story for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge, I decided to go again when he made the Epic Game of Aspects: Redux Challenge. This time we were given lists of 20 choices for … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Accepted

So I decided to participate in Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge, A Game of Aspects. I’ve never written flash before, and the choices appealed to me, so I thought I’d give it a go. It proved unexpectedly fun, and fulfilling … Continue reading