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So, just before we left on our min(working) vacation to Williamsburg, I went out and bought myself a new stylus to work on my tablet. I’ve always wanted to get into doing digital art, but I’ve never been able to afford the high end art supplies of a Wacom tablet for my computer and the expensive software etc. But it turns out a bunch of places, including Wacom, are also making digital pens which work with any touch screen!

I bought the Wacom Bamboo Solo. So far, I love it. The price was reasonable (under $20), and the stylus itself is both comfortable for me to use and accurate. It is on the smaller side, so I can see how someone with larger hands than mine might feel it was too delicate. But it’s perfect for me. As for drawing, the microfiber tip really does glide smoothly across the screen as easily as a pen across paper. The only difficulty I have is where to rest my hand without making a mark on the digital “paper”, but thankfully the app I use has an excellent “undo” button to erase those. The pen does occasionally “skip” a bit (no mark appears while it’s pressed to the screen for a moment), but it hasn’t done that too much on me. I’ve only had it for a few days, but it has absolutely revolutionized my attempts at digital drawing and painting. I am hoping it is as durable as Wacom is supposed to be, but it’s a bit early to tell on that!

The Wacom Bamboo does have an associated art App for iPad (Bamboo Paper for iPad), but I don’t love it. Firstly, it has in-app purchases. The app is free, but it only comes with a basic pen and pencil tool, and basic notebook covers. I’ve been using it for writing freehand, but that’s about it (and I like it for that!) But for doing art, I’ve found an entirely free app from a (chinese?) company called ZHU YI called Sketch Pad. It is entirely free from the get-go, and has a ton of different art-tools, as well as customizable color wheel, automatic saving to a gallery and easy export options for my art. It does have ads across the top in a banner, but they disappear while I’m drawing, and are a minor annoyance for an entirely free app with pretty good quality functionality.

Anyway! Here’s the first two pieces I drew with my new stylus! The cat started simply as a doodle to test out the different pen tools with my new stylus and see how I liked them, and ended up being cute enough to keep! The landscape was something I drew yesterday in the car ride, and I’m actually fairly proud of it.

File Apr 10, 8 41 44 AM File Apr 10, 8 42 23 AM

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