Editing my first Novel

Also known as “Things I discovered I hate about my novel from editing it for a week”.

  • The Title: “Princess” just sounds trite, and overly shortened. But I really can’t decide on something better. I do know that “The Librarian Chronicles” is perfect for the trilogy, but the first book remains in Name-Limbo.
  • The entire first two pages are the dreaded “Telling not showing.” Except all of the information is somewhat necessary to the proper understanding of the story, and the Narrator. So I must figure out how to work it in.
  • I fail at creative use of capitalization for effect.
  • I’m still addicted to parenthetical interjections. I’m considering forming a support group. There must be other sufferers (musn’t there?).
  • My Narrator is a bit overly pompous. This is somewhat understandable. I mean she’s a ridiculously well-read, 200 year old dragon. She’s supposed to be more wise than pompous, but at the same time she’s still awfully young for a dragon. Maybe that is where the pomposity comes in, and to be fair she gets progressively less pompous as the novel progresses. Oh well.

This is all just from the first three chapters as well. I have to admit, I rather thought I’d do a complete first read-through in a week. I was looking forward to it, eagerly even. And then I began reading and editing, and my great nemesis swooped down and carried me off to the land of laziness. Nemesis, thy name is Procrastination.

Thought for the Day: “My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry ’til a more convenient season.” Mary Todd Lincoln

Currently Reading: “Wolf Hunting” by Jane Lindskold

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