Goin’ To the FAAAIR!

Most people who read this probably already know my history with the Renaissance Fair circuit. But I haven’t worked one in several years, for various personal reasons. This weekend (today) was the beginning of the little local one run by the city (which as a Rennie Rat born & bred, that’s a WEIRD combo, but they do a really nice job with it, and I love this fair, small and temporary though it is). Anyway, I’m working it, back in the costume booth working for the woman who has been our family’s fairy godmother for longer than I’ve been alive (and through all the permutations of my family).

Now that I’m working a regular 9-5 type office job, Monday through Friday, I was a little hesitant to take on the extra work for this weekend and next, basically ensuring I’d have no days off. They’re both long days, in service-oriented jobs (which can be a little hard on introverted me). But I ultimately agreed, and I’m so glad I did!

My feet hurt, my finger joints are swollen (a post for another day) and I’m exhausted. But I’m unbelievably elated. This morning was filled with frantic activity, typical last-minute dashes trying to organize and set up the booth before the gates opened. Yet all I could think all day was “This is it. I’m home. This is where I belong.” I don’t mean here, in this town, at this specific fair. I simply mean there, in that whirl of hustle and bustle, exhaustion and fun, that is a job at the RenFaire.

Anyway. It sure was nice to be where I belonged again, and I’m excited to go back tomorrow for day 2! Hopefully I’ll even be able to catch my friend performing in the living chess set!

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