Happy Earth Day!

Do something nice for Mother Earth today!

I almost forgot that today was Earth Day. In celebration, I’m sharing some pretty pictures of wildflowers* from this spring, and challenge my Readers to do something Earth friendly today! Take your trash to a recycling center instead of the dump, dry your clothes on a clothes-line, turn off your heat/air conditioning and only use daylight to read by! Today, I’ve turned off (and will keep off) the heat and lights, my recyclables are ready to put on the curb, and I’m line-drying my sheets. Start an eco-friendly habit today, and keep it up all year. If nothing else, do it for the flowers and furry cuddly things! And of course, if you do start an eco-friendly practice, come back and tell me about it here. Next Earth Day we’ll all get together and see if we’ve kept up the habit!

*I was** going to include some pictures of mating toads and frog-spawn from my recent trip to Scotland.

**Who am I kidding? I must include the mating toad picture. I’ll just shove it below a cut to protect the faint-hearted!

Help create a better world for their babies, and yours too!


Happy Earth Day! — 2 Comments

  1. Yay for mating toads! They make the world a better, more warty place.

    My eco-friendly nod to Earth Day? Eat and digest all the M & M’s AND the packaging they come in! Now, there’s commitment for you.

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