Happy National Novel Writing Month!

I’ve been struggling lately in a lot of ways. I’ve been struggling to finish things, struggling to even want to start things, struggling to write, struggling to take care of myself. But! It’s National Novel Writing Month, and I keep trying to recreate my first success with that, if nothing else to prove that I still can. So, here I am, starting a project, hoping I can keep it together long enough to finish it this month. I’ve had a good start, with 2,000 words today to make up for starting a day late (I was out of town at a convention all day Saturday).


This year’s novel is inspired by the magical girl genre of anime, and I already love all four of my main characters. They’re just about to discover their powers, and I’m looking forward to writing that. There’s also time-travel, history, and girls fighting against the power of misogyny, so it’s hard not to love this story. I just have to figure out a title for the damn thing! (My bane!)

Magical Girl Cover small


Anyway. Good luck to all who are novelizing, and if you want to be my writing-buddy, I’m Bookewyrme on the forums of course.

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