Happy New Year

Slightly belated, but no less heart-felt.

A very happy New Year to my faithful readers, few though you may be. I just want to say again that I appreciate the comments, encouragement and weekly reading of all of you. Part of what makes this place special for me is knowing that I’m not entirely talking to myself (again). So, I hope you all have a happy, healthy, and productive 2011 full of laughter, fun, friends, family, and plenty of good stories.

This past year has been a pretty good one for me. I achieved a lot of stuff I’m proud of, made a lot of lovely new friends, reconnected with a few very dear old friends, and was generally happy, despite difficulties, hurdles, and a few tragedies. However, I did not achieve all that I meant to, particularly in the writing arena. But as stated elsewhere, I have been taught to look forward, not back. So: This year my goals will be a little different than last. They will be a little broader and more realistic, and entirely be things I can control.

First, I think I am going to start using an Excell spreadsheet to keep track of how much I actually write weekly (an idea I have shamelessly stolen from Scarlett). I will be counting the words I put on this blog, but as I will be color-coding, I will know how much was fiction and how much was blogging. Second, I am setting up a Goodreads account as we speak (my name is Bookewyrme as always) to try and keep track of what I read. I have a long To Be Read list, but I often forget what I’ve read, and don’t realize how much I re-read books for the umpteenth time. I’d like to branch out a bit more, read more “new” books and break out of my comfort zone.

Finally, this year I am going to submit a novel or novella-length work. A short story won’t count. Whether I am submitting to publishers or agents depends on the work of course, but I will be submitting something.

Before I sign off, a quick announcement. Tune back in Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, for a very special surprise in honor of Scarlett Parrish’s third book release day. I promise it will be fun, and probably a little naughty too!

Currently Reading: Unpublished Manuscript by L.A. Witt


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