….Hi. Anyone Still Here?

*dusts off shelves, removing several cobwebs*


Oh, uh. Hey. So, long time no see…. *looks guilty*

I swear, I’ve been meaning to write this post for like, a month now. But somehow there just is too much to do these days. Meanwhile, I’ve let this blog slip decidedly lately! I’ve been doing more blogging over on my tumblr blogs these days, but that’s no real excuse.

I’ve also got a new, real, grown-up day-job these days! I’m commuting 40 minutes every week day, and work from 8:30-5:30, so that’s really cut into my online time decidedly. I’m still able to be active on social media, but I mostly do it on mobile during breaks at work anymore. I am enjoying the job though, which is nice, and it’s a good company to work for (my mother has worked for it for 20 years now). I’m actually currently in a (very nice!) hotel for a week, going through training. The training isn’t deadly boring, though it’s job training, so it’s not exactly riveting either. But I’m also getting a good bit of alone-time to relax, read, write, and do some other things in the evenings. It’s a bit rough being away from my baby for so long, but it’s nice to have a mini-working-vacation paid for by my company!

On top of the job, there’s all the joys of new home ownership. We’re still building bookshelves so we can finally unpack all of our books. On top of which there’s maintenance and repairs and all sorts of things. Something about home ownership has made me be a bit more responsible lately too! This weekend was the first time in a month I didn’t fold all the laundry before going back to work! I don’t even know who I am anymore without having to dive through baskets of clean clothes to get dressed…

On the writing front, I’ve managed to thoroughly shake the bout of heavy depression that kept me from writing for a long time, and am back into the swing of things, albeit at a slower pace. But I’m working on three short stories currently, one in final polishing process, one currently being beta-ed (if anyone wants to beta-read a science-fiction story for me, please message me!!) and one in the first-draft phase. PLUS, I have a new collaborative project I’m starting, that is VERY exciting, and I will definitely post more about as more information is available!

So, now that I’ve caught back up a little, I’m going to try to post here a bit more often again!


….Hi. Anyone Still Here? — 3 Comments

  1. UM HELLO YES LET ME BETA THAT STORY SINCE I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS. *grabby hands* Also I’m happy you like your new job! And I’m jealous of your training. My dad always got to go on training trips and always said it was boring, but omg. Days on end. To myself. In a hotel. I would read EVERY BOOK. @_@;;

    • Lol, I put that story up in the writing group folder! Of course you should read it! YOU MUST READ ALL MY THINGS!!!

      Yea, training is pretty fun. And I’m actually thinking of making becoming a trainer for this company part of my 10-year goal. I’d get to travel a lot around the US, and teach people (which I like to do) and meet everyone in the company basically. Yea, while I miss my baby, and feel like I’ve abandoned him (this is the longest I’ve been away since he was born!), the time to myself…in a nice hotel….yep. I’ve written things, I’ve read a book, something I hadn’t done since I started work…hell. I wrote a damn blog post for the first time in 3 months!!

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