Loyal Readers, you may have noticed a certain lack of posting on my part just lately. The past few weeks have been singularly devoid of any regularity of writing, including on the blog. There are a number of reasons for this, mostly personal. Unfortunately, I do not see those impediments going away any time soon. Besides my blogging, they have also been affecting my fiction writing, and since I have come to realize in the past few months that I spend more time writing for the blog than anything else, I have determined to give myself a bit of a break from blog-writing.

This is a break strictly from blogging on a regular schedule, with the hope that I will then put that effort towards my other writing instead. I don’t mean for this hiatus to be indefinite, only a few months. I may still post the occasional thought here during that time (may I suggest adding me to your feed reader or using the RSS button at the top of the page to subscribe via email if you haven’t already?) but there won’t be any particular day, if I post at all.

Thank you dear Readers for your patience and understanding, and I hope to see you again at the end of this hiatus in a few months.




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