Home Sweet Home

Getting away for a while can be great for the creative juices.

I am home again safely! Scotland was beautiful, and I shared a lot of lovely countryside and interesting historical spots in a very short time with my family. In addition to that, my brain was thoroughly refreshed and stimulated. Between the interesting things that I saw, and the time spent not even thinking about doing any work of any kind, I am now ready and eager to dive back into writing, both for school and for myself.

I’ve had perhaps half a dozen new ideas for stories over the past week. Most of them are set in Scotland, or land like the Highlands. I’ve also had an inspiration for Out of The Library and its world, which I will begin implementing sometime soon as I begin to feel my way toward the first rewrite of that particular work. For the most part, however, I am simply writing my ideas down in my handy writing notebook. There they will probably languish as I slowly make my way through the ideas the notebook has and will contain until my brain is less consumed with writing academic papers.

Meanwhile, I began writing another short story as soon as I settled back into my desk at home. The story features Aurelia, the dragon narrator from Out of the Library, in her younger days and explains the tragic death of her father while she was quite young. Hopefully, I can publish the short story somewhere in the next few months.

Tomorrow, the vacation ends, and I settle in to write my first Classics paper. For tonight, I pretend I have a little more freedom, and I plan to write all evening while my brain is fresh.

Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness

Thought for the Week: “The snowdrop and primrose our woodlands adorn, and violets bathe in the wet o’ the morn.” Robert Burns

Currently Reading: Red Land, Black Land by Barbara Mertz


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  1. I’ve only been that far north a few times, but the scenery has always impressed me. The weather not so much (I picked October to visit Loch Ness), but regardless of temperature there is something about the scope of the landscape which is timeless.

    • Yep. We actually had spectacular weather, chilly but sunny all day every day. And there was snow still in the top of the hills in the Highlands. The combination of great weather and beautiful scenery made for a really wonderful vacation. Timeless is exactly the right word.

  2. Good luck with the new stories! And that photo is absolutely gorgeous. (I love old buildings like that and usually sketch them). I’m envious that you got to go somewhere so pretty and inspiring!

  3. Not actually a comment on this post, but just so you know — you’ve got the reddit logo (little monkey-alien-thing) on the digg.com link and the digg logo (guy-with-shovel) on the reddit link in that lower left column of buttons.

    Which I should add, at some point. Do you know if those are compatible with WordPress?

    • Yes, I know. Unfortunately, I dunno how to fix it myself, and my friend who does that sort of stuff has been busy. I figure, eventually it’ll get fixed, and probably before I’m all rich and famous and stuff too! *Grin*
      I’m not sure if the specific ones that I have are compatible with the wordpress.com site, but I use wordpress software, so some of them should be.

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