It’s Beginning…

…to feel a lot like Christmas!

Well, I put up our Christmas tree, a few lights, and wrapped up the presents I’ve gotten so far.

It’s amazing how my mood lightens with a little Christmas trapping. Of course, the true spirit of Christmas isn’t about the things or the presents or whatever. It’s about love and family and togetherness (if you’re religious then it’s about a bit more, of course, but that’s something else). For me though, I sometimes need the meaningless rituals to turn my spirits onto the proper course.

The weather is a far cry from last Christmas.

Christmas in England was a snowy, lonely affair, with no family around and most of my friends gone back to their own homes as well. This season is cold (and perhaps even a little snowy this weekend, too, shockingly enough) but there will plenty of family, friends, and of course good food. Oh, and there will be a Christmas puppy, too.

Apologies for the rather light post today. I’m gearing up to spend tomorrow in the hospital with my mother. Naturally, there are half a dozen other tasks crying out for my attention as well. Hopefully I’ll have something better for Sunday.


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