Junior Assistant Editoring and Other Random Stuff

So, my official title at Vitality Magazine is Junior Assistant Editor, which basically means I read slush and help with social media/marketing right now. (Incidentally, in order for me to keep doing that stuff, our Kickstarter for Issue 2 has to be successful, so if you feel like helping out click the widget over on the right!)

Social media is of course always fun for me, and now this means I have four different sets of accounts to keep track of. I’ve got a color-coded day-planner to help me keep some of it all straight anymore. 😛

But reading slush is a new and interesting experience. Nothing is exactly surprising about it, after five years hanging around agents, editors, and writers on message-boards and social media. There’s a world of difference between hearing about something and seeing it yourself, however. I’m really enjoying it though. Some stories are better than others of course, and some don’t match our guidelines. But being asked to read, and read widely, and then give a short opinion on it? That’s a little slice of heaven.

Otherwise, life is progressing…strangely. I’m currently “unemployed” but still working on the side for my old day-job (social media and web design again). I also have about half a dozen various projects I’m procrastinating beautifully, including job-hunting for a new full or part-time job (anyone want to hire me? I have lots of skills!) and house-hunting in town. All of which has me a little extra-prone to panic-attacks lately. But, we live and persevere, I guess.

I’m also doing Camp Nanowrimo this month (sort of) and trying to finish a few more short stories. I finished one, and I think I’m going to try self-publishing it here in the next few months. We’ll see (and of course, keep everyone updated). Speaking of being updated, I’ve finally added a subscription option to the site, down near the bottom right, to help people actually keep up with my so-erratic posting if they want.

Anyhow. Back to trying to catch up to my word-count goals or procrastinating a billion other projects. >_>


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