I’ve meant to write this post days ago. And yet here it is, December 31st 2015, 11pm, and I’m dashing to start, write, and post the thing before it’s officially the new year!

Which is basically how my whole year has been going. I’m pretty sure this year has lasted about a millennia so far. It’s certainly been a year of extreme changes and shaking up my life. Mostly in a good way. Most of the changes in my life have been positive, steps forward after years spinning my wheels in a rut. It’s nice to move forward.

This year, I’ve accomplished a caption of stuff:

  • Given up on moving to Washington (for the time being)
  • Quit a job
  • Started interning/working with a literary magazine for LGBTQ fiction (HIII! Go read Vitality!)
  • Shopped for a house
  • Bought a house
  • Gotten a new roommate
  • Got a new job
  • Begun a new major collaborative writing project (omgoooosh I can’t wait to tell you guys about this one).
  • Bought the first brand-new car we’ve ever owned
  • Made progress in managing my mental health better

And probably a lot of other stuff too, but those are the things that stick in my mind. I almost forgot to add in Vitality to this list, because it hardly seems possible one year could have contained so many changes and new beginnings.

All of which probably explains my sudden and completely irresistible urge to get another tattoo. It built for a while, until Christmas Eve I found myself left to my own devices for most of the day. I went out to buy milk and ice, but somehow ended up coming home with



A book is a bit of an obvious tattoo for me, but it’s a sort of thumbnail version of a larger tattoo I eventually want on my back and neck which involves several books “falling” down my back. I don’t quite feel like I’ve earned the big one (and I can’t afford it yet either) in some sort of odd way. Tattoos are a bit of a way of marking years of change or progress. Not always, not every change. But this was one year that needed marking. Not to mention I needed just a tiny bit of rebellion in my staid, adult existence! 😋

Anyhow, this year has ended quietly for me despite the excitement of the year. It ended with homemade pizza at my mother’s house, a tranquil fire in the pit, and the good company of my very best cousin-friend.

And so g’night all. See you next year!

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