Margaret Cho’s Biography & Word Count

About a month ago the library had a display up of books by or about LGBT people. They have a bunch of shelves on one wall of the main room where they do a different themed display on the regular. Of course I stopped to peruse it, and ended up picking up a couple of books. One of them was Margaret Cho’s autobiography¬†I’m the One that I Want. I didn’t know much about Cho except she was a comic and she was bisexual, and she had a reputation for being a bit “wild.” But I’m always looking for bisexual celebrities who are out about it, so I gave it a try.

I finally sat down to read it, and found it amazingly compelling. Some of her story I could relate to, and some I couldn’t (I’ve never been part of a minority community or had to deal with being non-white in a pervasively white culture, for instance). But it was all fascinating, well-told, and sympathy inducing. I felt angry on her behalf many times, and frequently wished I could just give her a hug and tell her how beautiful and talented she really was. It wasn’t depressing though, because though the pain of old self-loathing was evident in every chapter, so to was the feeling that those feelings were in the past. Life had gotten better for her, now she just wanted to tell her story so others could see it could get better for them to.

I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t talk much (or at all, really) of her experience with bisexuality, only her experiences being a fag-hag drawn to gay communities. Still, it was an interesting read, well worth the time, and made me want to find her stand-up to watch.

Nanowrimo Word Count: Approx. 6500. Got a bit slowed down by massive house-cleaning among other things. But still putting words on paper (screen?) even if it’s only a few hundred.

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