Today’s historic SCOTUS ruling has had me in a bit of a tizzy all day. Joy and hope have been filling me up so much today that I’ve been barely able to think properly. I’m even having trouble formulating words to write this. I’ve just been glued to my social media, basking in the celebration. But also I’ve been looking at the pictures of the people finally getting married after years, maybe even decades of waiting with their partners for fairness to win. Some of those people are old, and will probably not enjoy the many benefits of legal union for much longer, but at least their passing will be eased by knowing they can provide for those left behind.

Others are young, with long happy lives ahead, and they give me hope for the future. This is a turning point in history, a point that will help to make our world a little kinder, and fairer, and more loving for our children. My son barely understands marriage at all, except that mommies and daddies sometimes live together. Thankfully, he’s going to grow up in a world where all kinds of families are possible, and visible, so his understanding of marriage will begin and end with love.

Of course, while we celebrate today, I’ve been trying to be mindful of all the many hurdles still facing my community. Hurdles like still being legally fired for being gay, even in the state I live in. Or hurdles like people being barred from public restrooms for not conforming to outdated gender stereotypes.

But I am comforted in the thought that all those battles will be easier to fight now that we have been bolstered by the hope from today’s big win for love.

#LoveWins, and so do we.


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