Moving to a New Chapter

Well, this is it. It’s the last night in our old house, the address we’ve been living at for the last five years. Moreover, we’re joining the ranks of the landed gentry.

Yep. That’s right. We just bought our first house (well, technically we sign the final paperwork to close tomorrow morning). We’re land-owners. It’s….a lot less weird than I thought it would be.

I’m excited. I’ve already got the furniture arranged in my head, and have had my garden planned for a month. We’ve picked siding colors and are accumulating furniture. I’m ecstatic to go shopping for all those little touches that make a house a home, like hand-towels and spice-racks and the like. Even though this house isn’t in the city I was hoping for, nor even the state, it’s an acceptable second choice and I’m delighted with the house and land itself. Not to mention the company we’ll be keeping there (two good friends are moving in with us).

Sure, we’ve got worries. Financial worries, and fixing the roof worries, and who’s going to mow the lawn sort of worries. But they don’t scare me as much as I thought they would, and I don’t feel nearly as trapped or nailed down to one place as I thought land ownership would feel.

The process itself has been no picnic either (if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed a sudden uptick in wordlessly enraged tweets this week). There’s been anxiety and despair that we’d never find the right house, and endless paperwork. The last few weeks as the final push has been made to complete our closing has been something of a nightmare (tomorrow is our FIFTH closing day, so keep your fingers crossed it actually happens, ok!). But all that is coming to an end, and the packing is nearly complete, the first load is already in the trailer, and tomorrow night we sleep in our new bedroom overlooking our very own front lawn.


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