New Collaborative Project!

At last, I can announce that I’m part of a collaborative writing project creating a fun, campy, ‘spooooky’ story, complete with audience participation! That’s right, it’s



Ok, so basically, six of us are each creating and writing a character in a silly-scary story. The six characters are all staying in a remote lodge, and the first night someone dies. After that, each character continues to drop one-by-one, until one survivor is left. The catch is, the readers get to vote on who lives and who dies! Every other week, voting will happen, and then you’ll get to find out who gets offed in a SPOOKY manner!

Click on the image below to visit the site and see what’s already set up. February 3rd the story itself will start to be put up on the website/Wattpad!


My character is Emma, whose profile is below. Click through to the site to see the other characters you can “vote off the lodge”!


We’ve all been having a lot of fun with this project, so I hope you’ll all join us and cast a vote this February. ^_^

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