Picking Back Up

Always a difficult prospect.

Hello loyal Readers! So, remember several months ago when I said I was going to take a blogging hiatus? Well, it turns out it was a writing hiatus as well. This came about for several reasons, primarily the fact that I had gotten pregnant and was going through a rather difficult first trimester (it’s a boy, in case you were wondering). That’s all behind me now though, and I’m ready to dive back into writing as much as possible. I’ll be returning to blogging as well, but I’m not sure that I’ll be sticking to any sort of regular schedule this time. As much as I enjoy writing for the blog and interacting with those of you who leave comments, I think I’d like to concentrate a little harder on my fiction for a while. On top of that, in a few short months there will be a Baby Bookewyrme to look after and keep up with (he’s already pretty active) so my free time will become unspeakably precious.

So! What this means! There will be occasional blog posts, some with adorable baby pictures, there will be writing thoughts, and there may be published stories soon! Stay tuned, dear Readers.

Currently Reading: Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey


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