Some completely non-writing related fluff.

I have a house-guest. Her name is Pippin, and the Other American(tm) in my department belongs to her. When my friend decided to take a two week vacation, she asked if I would mind looking after her beloved feline friend, saving Pippin from the horrors of a kennel. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity like the pet-deprived person I am graciously agreed to help her out. So, here I am, sharing my house with an active orange tabby cat who is entirely idiosyncratic (but then, what cat isn’t?). Having a sociable cat around the house again has reminded me poignantly of all the things I miss most about them.

Purring. I firmly believe that cats evolved their purr to be completely therapeutic to humans. What you think the rational for this is depends entirely on your interpretation of feline motives. I could go either way. Cats are like humans. Some are mean, evil plotters, and others are lovable, fluffy companions.

Tails. If I could have any animal body part, it would be a cat’s tail. I envy cats their beautiful, swishy, elegant tails. Certainly a cat’s tail is one of the most expressive parts of their body.

Beautiful, pettable, fur. Pippin is not a lap cat, and I am not her chosen human, but she still enjoys the attention of being stroked. She is also a great leg-rubber, leaning heavily into the legs of whichever human she is coercing into petting her. Cat fur isn’t the softest in the entire animal kingdom, but it is certainly soft enough to make petting a cat a pleasantly sensual experience.

Pippin glares suspiciously at the washing machine.

So, I’m sure it is obvious by now that cats are my favorite animal. What’s yours, and why?


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