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So, there’s two things obsessing my social-media feeds right now. Midterm Elections and Nanowrimo. The post-game election recaps are everywhere today, and likely will be for a few days yet. My general take is a resounding MEH. Sure, it would’ve been nice for an electoral upset and the Dems to keep control of the Senate and all that jazz. But functionally, not a heck of a lot is changing federally. And honestly, probably not a whole lot locally either  (then again, I live in a state that just reelected a well-hated GOP governor because we had ridiculously low turnout, so maybe my view is skewed.) I was pretty hopeful at some of the ballot initiatives that got voted in and those that got voted down, overall (though disappointed that FL’s amendment for medical marijuana was voted down). But really, this election cycle was just another reminder that our political system is functionally broken and it’s hard to care one way or another. It’s also a reminder to myself  not to get too caught up in the next cycle either. It may be a presidential election, but while the players change regularly the game stays the same. Until we vote to change the game, that’s how it’s going to be.

Anyhow, the other thing, the more interesting thing to me is Nanowrimo. So far, I’ve been having good luck. I’ve been writing daily, and not piddly amounts either. I haven’t caught back up from my first-day zero, but I’m getting there. My characters are really starting to come to life for me, and I’m getting an inkling on where the plot is going. While I’ve done a certain amount of pre-planning and general plotting for this novel, I didn’t actually write a for-realz outline, so it’s a fun mix of pantsing and plotting this year.

I want to try to post regularly this month, just as a way to help keep myself jazzed about writing by talking about it regularly. This year is a bit easier on the inspiration front though. A quick trawl through the tumblr or deviantart Magical Girls, or an episode of one of my current magical-girl-animes is all it really takes to get me back to writing my story.

Anyhow, I’m sitting at 4400 words right now (Nano Day 5 should be 8333), so I’m gonna get another session in and bring my total up to 5k for the day.

But! Before I go, just want to throw out a quick plug for a game I’ve been helping with on Kickstarter, made by some of my friends at Roan Arts LLC. The game is called WarMage, and it’s a bit like Magic: The Gathering. The difference is, everyone plays from one deck of cards, and there’s no need to buy millions of booster packs you’ll never use in the hope of getting that one good card. Anyway, the campaign is super close to funding (less than $1000 to go!) and there’s only a week left. If you think this might be for you, check it out. If you’re not in to games yourself, just throw a little social-media love our way, maybe one of your friends would be interested!

Check it out HERE!

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