A Rose by Any Other Name

Pseudonyms are hard. A year ago I posted that I had chosen a Pen-name for myself, Lia Booke. I had difficulty choosing it, but I finally was forced to in order to submit a story with that name. I’ve since … Continue reading

A Cage of Words

Writing about a Reader Support Group which looks suspiciously like a book club. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read the book, whether this is the first reading or the fiftieth reading. A well-written book can trap me in … Continue reading

Introducing Lia Booke

That’s right, dear Reader. The mysterious author now officially has a Name! A pen-name to be precise. I’m quite proud of it. Short, simple, easy to remember, but it has meaning behind it. And best of all, there’s a joke … Continue reading

Words on a String

I just want to take a moment to direct the interested Reader over to ‘Words on a String’, a website run by a very dear friend, who incidentally also very kindly hosts this website. It was originally a private site … Continue reading

New Beginnings.

I am a student and a wife. But I am also an artist, and as everyone knows, artists crave attention. Hence this Blog. Here is where I will cry out into the great, uncaring Blogosphere (of DOOM!) “See me! See … Continue reading