I Was a Reader First…

So, I’m gonna do another post about current-internet-affairs  here. (Two in a row! *gasp* Weird, right?) Anyway, the last few days there’s been a certain amount of Twitter and blogosphere discussion about whether authors should negatively review other books. This … Continue reading

Technical Difficulties, Tumblr, and Other News

*Update: The technical issues have been dealt with, so I will probably attempt to blog here occasionally!* I’ve been having some technical difficulties of late which have precluded regular blogging here. For some reason, either my blog is trying to … Continue reading

Picking Back Up

Always a difficult prospect. Hello loyal Readers! So, remember several months ago when I said I was going to take a blogging hiatus? Well, it turns out it was a writing hiatus as well. This came about for several reasons, … Continue reading

My Four

Sorta chain-letterish, but looks fun anyway. Elle, author and all-around butt-kicker extraordinaire, tagged me with a blog meme, and I didn’t have anything much planned for today, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. It looked kind of fun. … Continue reading

One Whole Year

Belated blogiversary post. Monday was the one year anniversary of this blog. This also means that I’ve been writing ‘seriously’ (i.e. with possible publication in mind) for a year. That year has been exciting, eye-opening, terrifying and perhaps a little … Continue reading

So Many Ideas…

So little time. Or maybe talent. Often where blogging is concerned, I have tons of ideas, generated every day. Yet, when it comes time to actually write out my post for the day, I find myself at a loss for … Continue reading

Lessons from Blogging

Who knew? So, I originally started a blog because, well…that’s what I’d heard writers did. If you were serious about being a published author, you had a blog. And you talked about writing, or books, or something similar. So I started … Continue reading