New Collaborative Project!

At last, I can announce that I’m part of a collaborative writing project creating a fun, campy, ‘spooooky’ story, complete with audience participation! That’s right, it’s ! Ok, so basically, six of us are each creating and writing a character … Continue reading

“An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir

So, it’s been almost a month since my last post, which I’ll probably talk about in a post later this week. But first I want to talk about this book I read yesterday. It’s the debut novel, and first in … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Twisted Love

This past week’s flash fiction challenge from Sir Wendig was a Valentine’s Day themed one called Twisted Love. It does what it says on the box, and any genre was welcome. So I knew I needed to write about a … Continue reading

The West Wing Recap: S1 Ep1 ‘Pilot’

(Apologies for posting the very first episode 2 days late. This weekend got more than a bit out of hand.) Here we are with our very first episode! Very excited. So let’s get started. I’m going to post this all … Continue reading

Ancient Greek Heroes and French Maidens

Writers can sometimes get inspiration, help, plot points, characterization etc, from the most unlikely places. My novel is set in Ancient Egypt, before the Ancient Greeks were more than a few disorganized tribes of shepherds and before France was even … Continue reading

Author Dilemmas

An author faces many dilemmas in the course of writing a story, of whatever length. Some of them are minor (word choice, sentence structure, etc), though no less important than the major ones. But some are huge and plot-changing. One … Continue reading

Unruly Characters

No one is as unruly as Bugs and Daffy. I was recently reminded of this clip on AbsoluteWrite. I’ve seen that particular Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck skit before, but I had never considered it in the context of being a writer. … Continue reading

Blogfest: What’s Your Process?

Check out all the other entries over at Shallee’s Blog! So the idea is to tell you a little about how I write, the ways I create characters and stories and such. Since I’m a bit of a “pantser” (I … Continue reading

Character Interview

Daniel Cross, from By the Book. Sunday I hinted at a surprise for today’s post. I am very pleased to announce that Crossbones, the Daniel Cross Official Fanclub scored an exclusive release-day interview with the aforesaid Daniel. He stars prominently in … Continue reading

Favorite Fictional Characters?

Saw the question in an interview and it made me think. First, apologies for the recent blog silence. This weekend we celebrated my grandmother’s life with tears, laughter, music and song. Consequently it has been a hectic and family-filled weekend. … Continue reading