Voices of the Dead: Terry Pratchett

To me, it’s always a little strange to hear or see recordings of someone who I’ve loved, admired, or been a fan of after they’ve died. In some ways I’m grateful. Preserving the way they talk, and move, and interact … Continue reading

Speak His Name: RIP Sir Terry

Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken? ~Going Postal Sir Terry Pratchett, creator of the Discworld series, died today. He was not that old, but he had been sick for a … Continue reading

Not exactly a book review…

**Reader Warning** This is in no way a book review. This is in fact a book gush. I make no apologies for it, as I will be gushing about Terry Pratchett, and I frankly feel he deserves to be gushed … Continue reading