Even Shakespeare Needed an Editor

Too bad he didn’t have one. If you pay any attention to my “Currently Reading” status at the bottom of each post, you may have noticed a succession of Shakespearean plays lately. I recently acquired (read: shamelessly stole from my … Continue reading

New Strategy

I need to try something new. Sometimes, you have to make a conscious decision to no longer bang your head against a wall in an effort to break it down, and instead choose to simply walk around the wall. Making … Continue reading

Reading and Writing

The problem with reading once you start writing. Although I’ve been writing little stories and snippets for several years now, it is only for the last seven months or so that I’ve really been serious about improving my skills. During … Continue reading

Plots and Titles

Some writing news at last. Sorry for the late post, I’ve been more than usually abstracted today (as opposed to the days when I’m distracted). At any rate, I’m overhauling the plot of ¬†Out of the Library and have re-named … Continue reading

Editing my first Novel

Also known as “Things I discovered I hate about my novel from editing it for a week”. The Title: “Princess” just sounds trite, and overly shortened. But I really can’t decide on something better. I do know that “The Librarian … Continue reading

Week in Review

Well, it seems to have been an interesting week, so I thought I would spend today catching up on the news. Next week we will continue with the regularly scheduled content. On the internet front, there was the hulabaloo kicked … Continue reading