“By the Book”

Erotic Romance novel by Scarlett Parrish Upon looking back over my blog a while ago, I realized that while I have a character interview with the love interest from Scarlett Parrish‘s erotic romance novel,¬†By the Book, somehow I managed to … Continue reading

Character Interview

Daniel Cross, from By the Book. Sunday I hinted at a surprise for today’s post. I am very pleased to announce that¬†Crossbones, the Daniel Cross Official Fanclub scored an exclusive release-day interview with the aforesaid Daniel. He stars prominently in … Continue reading

“Cover Me”

Erotic romance thriller. If anyone had ever asked me before if I would read an erotic-romance thriller, I would have looked at them like they’re crazy. Just not my genre at all. However, L. A. Witt’s new novel Cover Me … Continue reading

“Long Time Coming”

Another erotica novel. This week has been full of good news, both about writing and other parts of life. One of the pieces of good news is that the amazing Scarlett sold her second book, which I beta’ed for her. … Continue reading

“The Best Man”

Another not-a-book-review. Warning: Adult content. The past couple of weeks I’ve hit that mid-separation slump, where the loved one has been gone for what seems forever, and an equally long forever stretches in front of you until you see them … Continue reading