Margaret Cho’s Biography & Word Count

About a month ago the library had a display up of books by or about LGBT people. They have a bunch of shelves on one wall of the main room where they do a different themed display on the regular. … Continue reading

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Well look at that, a new month that I haven’t blogged during, yet again. >_< But, today is National Coming Out Day, so I thought it would be a good day to talk about a few things I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

Invisibly Bi

Evidently today is Bisexuality Awareness Day (also known as Bisexuality Day or Bi Visibility Day). I usually miss these sorts of things, the many days for awareness or remembrance or pride for this or that. They tend to fly by … Continue reading


So, there’s this hashtag that’s been going around Twitter for a few days now, #DiversityInSFF. It’s great, a place where people are talking about the need for greater and greater levels of diversity (both of characters and of authors) in … Continue reading

LGBT Characters

In honor of US LGBT Pride Month and Christopher Street Liberation Day. First, apologies dear Readers for lack of a mid-week post. I am afraid that the mid-week posts may be a bit erratic for the next couple of months … Continue reading