Some Parenting Thoughts

This is some stuff I posted on Tumblr first, but I felt it also deserved to go here too. Besides, I haven’t posted on here in ages, and I’m hoping to change that. Walking the very fine and moveable line … Continue reading

Mixed Feelings: Pros and BronyCons

If you have no idea what a Brony is, check out this article by Madeleine Davies over on Jezebel. It’s actually the impetus for this post, though I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a long time. The linked article … Continue reading

Tales of the Toddler

Well, here we are in the second full week of Nanowrimo, and in the time-honored tradition of Wrimos everywhere, I’m procrastinating writing the novels by writing other things. Besides, I feel a bit bad for neglecting the faithful ol’ blog … Continue reading


I posted about reading Kalimpura by Jay Lake before, but since I’ve now finished it I can give a little more informed response to the book. Overall, I greatly enjoyed it and will certainly be seeking out the two prequels, … Continue reading

Motherhood and…

Reading, writing, and just general housework. Motherhood is an adventure. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to continue to live your life while simultaneously providing twenty-four hour care to a helpless infant. Truly a mind-boggling brain-teaser. However, I’ve learned … Continue reading


My baby arrived! Shortly after my last post, I went into labor. After a (relatively) short and easy labor, my son made his first appearance in the world. He’s healthy, if smallish, utterly adorable, and definitely a bit precocious in … Continue reading

“This Is Not How I Thought it Would Be”

Some additional thoughts on Kristin Maschka’s book about motherhood. I don’t normally read self-help type books, or advice books, or indeed generally any sort of non-fiction other than in very narrow fields such as Egyptology and Classical Studies. So, when … Continue reading