New Collaborative Project!

At last, I can announce that I’m part of a collaborative writing project creating a fun, campy, ‘spooooky’ story, complete with audience participation! That’s right, it’s ! Ok, so basically, six of us are each creating and writing a character … Continue reading

Welcome to The Library 2.0

LOOK!! It’s HERE! My very own domain, and a new blog (which, admittedly looks rather like the old one for now because I liked the look of it) and everything! Of course, all the credit goes to my amazing coworker, … Continue reading

Picking Back Up

Always a difficult prospect. Hello loyal Readers! So, remember several months ago when I said I was going to take a blogging hiatus? Well, it turns out it was a writing hiatus as well. This came about for several reasons, … Continue reading

Links and Thoughts

A blog post on a day other than Sunday! Gasp! I know. You’re all in shock, this is a blog post, and it’s not Sunday. But fear not! It won’t be a “real” blog post today. Today will be mainly … Continue reading

Week in Review

Well, it seems to have been an interesting week, so I thought I would spend today catching up on the news. Next week we will continue with the regularly scheduled content. On the internet front, there was the hulabaloo kicked … Continue reading