Belly Buttons Are Weird

It occurred to me on my way to work yesterday morning that belly-buttons are basically just scars commemorating our transition to “independent being.” It’s really kind of weird to ponder, but we literally have to be ripped from our mothers’ … Continue reading

Holly in Pictures

Current pictures of Holly. Holly has been growing again. She now weighs 14.6 pounds, which is right on target for her weight-gain goals. She also is getting taller, and stronger, and prettier. I’d say she’s getting smarter too, but she … Continue reading

A Rose by Any Other Name

Pseudonyms are hard. A year ago I posted that I had chosen a Pen-name for myself, Lia Booke. I had difficulty choosing it, but I finally was forced to in order to submit a story with that name. I’ve since … Continue reading

Holly: 11-4-10

Pictures of my little pup. This Christmas, my husband and I adopted a new member of our family. Holly is a pure bred German Shepherd, and she is just about seven weeks old. She is the most utterly adorable, sweet … Continue reading

My Desk

A bit of fluff while I desperately try to finish this blasted first draft. Some time ago my good friend and fellow writer Geoffrey from Misanthropology101 blogged about what was on his desk and why. I thought the topic was … Continue reading

Adventures in London

A mostly pictorial story. I decided to scrap my original blog plans of having a pre-written automatic update today, and thought I’d instead post a few pictures of my adventures with my friend C. in London. We came down by … Continue reading

Spring in My Soul

Spring is coming. Maybe it’s already here. Only the pictures can tell. Spring is my season. Maybe it’s because I was born in late spring. Or maybe it’s just the most comfortable season in terms of temperature, particularly in Florida … Continue reading