Piece of Mind

So. How bout that shut-down, eh? Seriously, this whole thing has me boiling mad. So mad, in fact, that I did something I’ve never ever done before. I wrote my congressman and gave him an extensive piece of my mind. … Continue reading

West Wing Recaps: S1 Ep4 “Five Votes Down”

Episode Four of The West Wing Recaps! Apologies for not posting yesterday. Lazy blogger is lazy and didn’t get it edited before bed-time last night. Thank you for your patience! This episode sets up some major character developments and also … Continue reading

The West Wing Recap: S1 Ep 2 “Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc”

Here we are again with the second episode of The West Wing. Today we’ll be getting a little bit more in depth than last week as we get into the swing of the show after the Pilot. This episode begins … Continue reading

The West Wing Recap: S1 Ep1 ‘Pilot’

(Apologies for posting the very first episode 2 days late. This weekend got more than a bit out of hand.) Here we are with our very first episode! Very excited. So let’s get started. I’m going to post this all … Continue reading

New Blog Series: West Wing Recaps

I have blogged about The West Wing before, and how much I love it. It’s one of my main go-to shows to watch, both actively and as background filler. I love the characters, the writing, the politics, almost everything about … Continue reading

Exciting Times

They’re not always either good or bad. The last several days have been a bit busy and exciting. First, my baby sister (Who has started a poetry blog which you should definitely check out. She has some talent, though she … Continue reading