Junior Assistant Editoring and Other Random Stuff

So, my official title at Vitality Magazine is Junior Assistant Editor, which basically means I read slush and help with social media/marketing right now. (Incidentally, in order for me to keep doing that stuff, our Kickstarter for Issue 2 has … Continue reading

Tales of the Toddler

Well, here we are in the second full week of Nanowrimo, and in the time-honored tradition of Wrimos everywhere, I’m procrastinating writing the novels by writing other things. Besides, I feel a bit bad for neglecting the faithful ol’ blog … Continue reading

Impostor Syndrome

Self-flagellation is the mark of a true writer, right? Of course right! Everyone with an ounce of self-awareness gets Impostor Syndrome now and again, regardless of what it is they do in life. Sometimes, people have their bout of it … Continue reading

Bad Author. No Cookie

You may have noticed there was no new post yesterday. For that I apologize. As the title suggests, I’m docking my cookies as punishment. I have no particular excuse for not posting yesterday. I’m afraid I’m just a slacker. However, … Continue reading

See Lia. See Lia Procrastinate.

Not a children’s story. Coffee? Check. Resources, online and off? Check. Twenty-four hours before deadline?Check. Compelling and coherent argument for major Classics paper?…*sigh* That’s right, dear Readers. It’s that time again. Time to watch your friendly neighborhood Author procrastinate writing … Continue reading

Procrastination and Deadlines

Excuses for my next several short posts. I swear it’s a good one! I’m procrastinating. On deadline, too. I have two papers, a 1000 word literature review and a 2500 word formative essay, due in about a week and a … Continue reading

Lazy Sunday

I’m afraid I am singularly uninspired this Sunday to do anything. Part of this is no doubt a reaction to the end of the first week of classes, and finally not being horribly ill anymore. I suspect part of this … Continue reading

Editing my first Novel

Also known as “Things I discovered I hate about my novel from editing it for a week”. The Title: “Princess” just sounds trite, and overly shortened. But I really can’t decide on something better. I do know that “The Librarian … Continue reading