Embrace Your Doubt

There’s a house along the route to town which always has a sign up with some funny, pithy, philosophical saying on it, rotating out on a regular basis. The other day I was passing by, and the new message for … Continue reading

Junior Assistant Editoring and Other Random Stuff

So, my official title at Vitality Magazine is Junior Assistant Editor, which basically means I read slush and help with social media/marketing right now. (Incidentally, in order for me to keep doing that stuff, our Kickstarter for Issue 2 has … Continue reading

I Think My Squee Broke

So. I’m going to be working with the team of Vitality Magazine, a new queer lit mag with some really exciting potential. I’m an intern, which means I get to do social media stuff and slush reading stuff, and I … Continue reading

Stuff and Things and Bits

So, there’s two things obsessing my social-media feeds right now. Midterm Elections and Nanowrimo. The post-game election recaps are everywhere today, and likely will be for a few days yet. My general take is a resounding┬áMEH.┬áSure, it would’ve been nice … Continue reading

Wood Grain Stories

Does anyone else ever look for pictures and patterns in the grain of the wood surrounding them? I’m always seeing pictures in the grain of a door or a floor-board. For instance, currently there’s the silhouette of a female figure … Continue reading

Belly Buttons Are Weird

It occurred to me on my way to work yesterday morning that belly-buttons are basically just scars commemorating our transition to “independent being.” It’s really kind of weird to ponder, but we literally have to be ripped from our mothers’ … Continue reading

My Desk

A bit of fluff while I desperately try to finish this blasted first draft. Some time ago my good friend and fellow writer Geoffrey from Misanthropology101 blogged about what was on his desk and why. I thought the topic was … Continue reading